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With Sickness & Accident Support

FRS Membership Benefit Scheme

Membership Benefits


  • Sickness & Accident Support
  • Better value rates and Priority Service
  • Death & Capital Benefit

Sickness & Accident Support

We know how important it is for your farm to continue working when you are unable to work it.

The Sickness & Accident Support provides you with the safeguard of frs to keep the farm on track while you get back on your feet.

Death & Capital Benefits include:

We acknowledge the many dangers associated with farming and under your membership with us we provide you with Death & Capital Benefit.

  • Accidental death €20,000
  • Loss of one eye or one limb €10,000
  • Loss of both eyes or two or more limbs €20,000
  • Loss of hearing €20,000
  • Permanent total disablement €20,000
  • Loss of speech €20,000

Better Value & Top Priority

Providing the people you need when you need them

Your membership gives you highly skilled, experienced, reputable and fully insured farm services and priority service, plus the added security of emergency services if required.

What it will Cost you


  • Annual Membership Fee = €295
  • Membership is based on a direct debit system of payment of monthly accounts.

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