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FRS Farm Relief Services

About FRS Farm Relief Services

Who We Are

FRS (Farm Relief Services) are a farmer-owned co-operative organisation established in 1980 for the provision of skilled people to meet customer requirements.

Our Objective

To provide the skills and services, which customers need to manage their farms efficiently, effectively and successfully.

Our Commitment to Quality

  • frs is committed to providing a top quality service to farmers.
  • frs operators are selected and trained to the highest standards to meet the needs of farmers.
  • Applicants are accepted onto the frs contractor register only after successful completion of evaluation and supervision.


We are proud to be a part of the FRS Network*

“Providing the people you need when you need them”

Why Use FRS Farm Relief Services?

Reputable Quality Service


Cost Effective

  • Book an operator only for the days required.
  • Operator works the hours requested by you at a flat rate per hour.
  • No hidden costs.
  • No advertising, recruitment or employee costs for you
    – such as PAYE, PRSI, employers PRSI, holiday pay etc.
  • Fees paid to frs are fully tax deductible.

General Farm Labour

  • Slurry & Fertiliser Spreading • Topping • Hay & Silage Making
  • Moving & Herding Cattle for TB Testing/Dosing • Tractor Driving
  • …and many other farm tasks.

Specialist Services

Management Services

Full farm management service available – many of our operators are qualified farm managers.

How to use FRS Farm Relief Services

1.         Contact your local frs office and outline your requirements.

2.         The co-ordinator selects the most suitable local operator to service your needs.

3.         On completion of the work the operator completes a docket – a copy of which is left with you and a further copy is sent to the frs office.

4.         A detailed Invoice is sent to you. All fees, including annual membership, are paid directly to your local frs office.

Farm Responsibly and Safely with Frs Training

Contact frs training on 1890 20 100 or visit www.frstraining.com for further details

*FRS Network is a co-operative organisation established in 1980 for the provision of skilled people to meet customer requirements. Through growth and diversification FRS have expanded into five distinct divisions intrinsically linked through the supply of expertly skilled people and innovation – farm services (www.frsfarmreliefservices.ie), fencing (www.frsfencing.ie), recruitment (www.frsrecruitment.com),  training (www.frstraining.com),  and Herdwatch (www.herdwatch.ie) , with a network of 20 offices nationwide.

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