Calf Dehorning

Calf Dehorning

Animals are often dehorned for economic and safety reasons.

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About Calf Dehorning

About Calf Dehorning

Dehorning should be done by a trained professional.

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Calf Dehorning

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Dehorning or disbudding is the process of removing or stopping the growth of the horns of livestock using a special dehorning hot iron. Dehorning should be done by a trained professional. Animals are often dehorned for economic and safety reasons. Horns can pose a risk to humans, to other animals, and to the bearers of the horns themselves. EG. Horns can get caught in fences or prevent proper feeding.

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Advantages of Dehorning

  • Horns may cause injuries to handlers or other cattle.
  • Horned livestock may require specialist equipment, such as feeders and cattle crushes.
  • In some breeds and in some individuals, horns may grow towards the head, eventually causing injury.
  • Horns may become broken, causing blood-loss and potential for infection.
  • Horned livestock may become trapped in fences or vegetation.

When to dehorn

All calves in the herd must be de-horned within 3 weeks of birth.


Why dehorn calves as new born?

1.   Dehorning calves at a young age minimizes hazards to the calf and yourself

2.   Dehorning is less stressful on new-born calves

3.   Alleviates animal welfare concerns


FRS can help

FRS provides you with a skilled operator to de-horn your calves using his own crate and specialised equipment. FRS can arrange for an operator to call to your farm on a regular basis (every 10 days or so during the calving time) to perform de-horning as the new-born calves arrive or provide a group of FRS operators to get the job complete within a specified time.


Remember! The date of de-horning must be recorded in the Animal events book.

Why not get in touch with your local FRS Co-op to find out about our Calf Dehorning service.


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