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We’re Hiring! Farm Services Coordinator

FRS Recruitment are currently recruiting for the positions of 'Farm Services Coordinator' on behalf of an established farm services business in the South East Cork region. This is a full-time ...
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Plan Castration For Bulls Under 6 Months

For dairy and beef farmers who calve in late Spring, now is the time to plan castration for their young herd. Bulls are mainly castrated to prevent reproduction, simplify management, ...
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Benefits of Cow Pregnancy Scanning

For suckler and dairy farmers who calf down in Spring, now is the time for them to think about cow pregnancy scanning. Having a cow that will produce a calf ...
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August Grassland Agenda for Farmers

As we move closer to Autumn, farmers should carefully plan their next few weeks to ensure that they are ready for the months ahead. There are a number of factors ...
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Encouraging Agriculture Co-op Involvement

According to recent CSO statistics, over 164,000 people are employed in the Agri-food sector. This figure makes up over 7% of the national work force. Beef and milk production are ...
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Herdwatch to Double Workforce Over Next 3 Years, Creating 40 New Jobs

Herdwatch, the leading farm management software company in Ireland and the UK, has announced plans to double its workforce over the next three years. They expect to create an additional ...
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It’s Time To Talk About Farm Safety

As it was Farm Safety Week last month, it is important to keep momentum and continue to encourage farming families and those who live near farms to take this opportunity ...
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Tips for Loading and Unloading Cattle

Loading cattle and livestock for transport is one of the most difficult handling jobs on the farm and one that requires planning and proper facilities in order to safeguard all ...
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New Book Tells the Story of FRS Over Last 40 Years

We are delighted to launch this new book setting out the history and story of FRS over the last forty years. From Farm Relief Services to FRS Network – The ...
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Time To Rethink Farm Safety

FRS Farm Relief launches an online farm safety resource to support Farm Safety and Farm Safety Week Farm Safety week is taking place from today (19th ) to the 23rd ...
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