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How Can You Manage If You Don’t Measure

Modern Irish farming is progressing with the introduction of automated machines, specialised testing and new technology. Farmers are now entering an era of ‘precision agriculture’. Using data to enhance the ...
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Making BEEP-S Easier For Suckler Farmers

At the start of the year suckler farmers were strongly encouraged to apply for the new Beef Environmental Efficiency Pilot – Suckler (BEEP-S) scheme. Introduced in 2019, the BEAM scheme ...
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FRS Celebrate Forty Years Of Diverse Services

By FRS Network CEO, Peter Byrne It’s now forty years since the national structure to coordinate Farm Relief Services in Ireland was established. Our aim was to further develop and ...
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Planning In Advance Is Key For Tillage Farmers

With July now over, tillage farmers have started the harvesting of Winter barley and crops. In a few short weeks the Spring crops will be also ready. August will be ...
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FRS Network, IFA & HSA Join Forces for Farm Safety

FRS Network, the Irish Farmers Association (IFA) and the Health & Safety Authority (H.S.A) have come together to promote the 8th National Farm Safety Week. Compiling their resources and knowledge, ...
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Stay Safe While Working At Heights

Farm Safety week highlights a number of dangers in relation to working in the agricultural sector including working with livestock, child safety and tractor driving. However, this year there has ...
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Be Aware Of The Dangers Of Working With Livestock

With breeding season coming to an end, this time of year can be one of the most dangerous times on a farm. Many farmers will have finished with AI and ...
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FRS Network Celebrates 40 years of Services Nationwide

Wednesday August 13th 1980 marks the date that National Co-op Farm Relief Services (NCFRS) set up the national co-ordinating body over 30 Co-ops around Ireland. It all began with farmers ...
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Stay Safe While Agitating

It is important that safety precautions are followed on every farm to prevent accidents to both people and livestock. At this time of the year after completing the first cut ...
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Extra Vigilance Needed For Common Disease and Illness

During the Summer months, animals traditionally graze grass in the fields as their main food source. Fields are not always located close to the yard. Farmers may need to allocate ...
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