For many years farmers property has been targeted by criminals. In response to this issue, ‘Property Marking Ireland’ have launched a new Farm Call-Out Service that enables farmers to have their valuables marked with their Eircode directly on the farm premises. This service uses a ‘dot peen marking machine’ to engrave a wide array of valuables, from large farm machinery such as tractors and trailers, to lawn mowers, quad bikes and other valuable tools. Property marking also provide signage for farmers to display that declares valuables as being marked, in order to deter criminals from entering the premises.

FRS collaborated with Property Markings to help them hire essential staff members and open new offices.

Colin Donnery, Group CEO at FRS Network: “For many years our farmer members and customers have been reporting the theft of their property and machinery. In an effort to help combat this issue, we are delighted to collaborate with Property Marking on this important security initiative. As a not-for-profit social enterprise, Property Marking’s mission to enhance community safety resonates strongly with our values at FRS Network. The opportunity to provide recruitment services and contribute to their progress allows FRS to help make a positive impact in the communities we serve. We look forward to seeing the continued success of Property Marking and the positive impact it will have on safeguarding our homes, farms and businesses from property theft.”

Property Marking Ireland has a community-led crime prevention programme that works in conjunction with county-based Joint Policing Committees, Local Authorities, and community organizations such as Community Alert and Neighbourhood Watch groups.

James O’Neill, CEO and Founder of Property Marking Ireland: “Every year in every community rural farmers and their neighbours are the victims of property crime. They not alone lose their valuables which has a major impact on their livelihoods but also experience the fear that results from the crime. We have tailor-designed this property marking call out service to suit busy farmers – we can call out to you and mark your property in a couple of hours and provide you with signage there and then. Our goal is to help provide an extra layer of security on your farm and reduce the fear of theft for farming families while at the same time increase the fear for thieves and mobile criminal gangs. As we are a not-for-profit enterprise, without companies like FRS supporting us along the way, it would be very difficult for us to roll out our national community led crime prevention programme and we very much appreciate the ongoing support from Colin Donnery and FRS.”

For more information or to organise a Farm Call-Out, visit:

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