Waste Plastic Collection

FRS Bin & Liner System

FRS Bin & Liner System

In conjunction with our recycling services FRS supply a Bin and Liner system.

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Waste Plastic Collection

Waste Plastic Collection

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 We operate  WASTE PLASTIC SERVICES from our Bruree, Limerick office and Cahir, South Tipperary office only. Please contact the office directly to discuss your needs.

FRS On- Farm Waste Plastic Collection:

The advantages of on-farm collection to the farmer are;

1. Convenience

Farmer does not waste valuable time loading loose plastic into a trailer and transferring to to a bring centre – which is a messy, time consuming task.

2. Safety

FRS securely transport waste plastic which takes this often hazardous task off the farmers hands.

3. Simple Collection


FRS are permitted to collect both loose and liners on-farm by means of a Mechanical Grab. This simple task presents no hassle to the farmer

We operate on-farm collection services of both loose plastic and liners.  If you need help gathering up and sorting waste just contact your local FRS office for help.



We offer a bring centre service at our Cahir Office . This system is a very cost effective means of plastic disposal and offers an alternative service to farmers.

There are a number of very good reasons why farmers should recycle farm plastics waste with FRS, including:

•           Farm Plastics are banned from landfill

•           It is illegal to burn or bury waste

•           Recycling is kinder to the environment

•           Cross compliance advantages

•           No storage headaches

•           Convenience of the FRS recycling services


Important Plastic Sorting Information:

It is important that farmers sort the different streams (or types) of plastics for recycling purposes.

The following clearly outlines the different items in each stream:


Please Note:  All liners will be visually inspected to ensure they contain the correct stream of waste plastic 

Convenient FRS Bin and Liner System:

In conjunction with our recycling services FRS supply a Bin and Liner system.

The bin is made of stokbord which is a by-product of waste silage wrap and the liner is manufactured from durable low density polyethylene plastic with dimensions of 2400mm x 1350mm x 1350mm (8’ x 4’6” x 4’6”).

The liner will hold approximately 300 silage wraps, 500 small feed or fertiliser bags or 100 half tonne fertiliser bags.

The bin itself in not essential, but having it allows you to fit more plastic into the liner – hence a saving in the long term  and provides a convenient tidy means of storing waste plastic in the different streams required for plastic collection and recycling.

5 Easy Steps to Farm Plastic Recycling using the FRS Bin and Liner System:

Step 1

Assemble the recycling bin by locking the bin edges together, fit the plastic liner and pull halfway down the outside of the bin as shown. Finally fit the lid.

Step 2

Keep the bin next to the source of the waste, and transfer materials straight away. This reduces contamination and keeps your farm in a tidy manner.

Step 3

Once the bin is filled, remove the lid and tie liner securely with plastic twine or cable tie.

Step 4

Store filled liners in a secure site with suitable access for transportation.

Step 5

Liners will be uplifted by our collection lorry on a pre-arranged day or you can transport them yourself to one of our bring centres. All liners will be visually inspected to ensure they contain the correct stream of waste plastic.

To enquire about our Waste Plastic Collection services or Bin and Liner Systems please contact your nearest FRS Co-op.


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