Professional Hoof Care is Vital

FRS provides expert paring of hooves for preventive and curative hoof care, but the service extends to more than just a ‘pedicure’ for your herd. FRS offer knowledgeable advice on how to aid the prevention of lameness through a complete hoof care regime.

FRS hoof care technicians are fully trained and up to date on the diseases and hazards that affect lameness and offer advice on how farmers can proactively address these. Correct weight distribution and correct length of the claws, paired by an FRS expert, will help alleviate lameness problems in conjunction with a correct diet and foot bathing.

Experts of Hoofcare

Our FRS hoof care technicians continuously refresh their skills ensuring the best hoof care service is delivered to our customers.
We enlist the best training with renowned hoof care training expert, Pieter Kloosterman from Holland who refreshes technician’s skills on the art of hoof pairing.

The technicians take part in intensive in-house training programmes. During the training participants learn the theory of hoof care, causes of lameness, the 5 step Dutch method of hoof care, hygiene, the practical skill of paring and communications skills, which is important to effectively communicate with customers.Regular refresher courses are held to keep even the most experienced operator up to date on new developments and new technologies.

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