For any suckler farmers who signed up for the 2021 Beef Environmental Efficiency Pilot – Suckler (BEEP-S) scheme under the Beef Sector Efficiency Pilot, be aware that deadlines are approaching for weighing.

For farmers who selected the faecal testing option at the time of application, now is the time to submit samples if it hasn’t been done already. All faecal samples must be submitted to an approved laboratory on or before 1st October 2021.

Faecal Egg Testing

This was an optional action for the BEEP-S scheme and involves faecal egg testing of weighed cows. To carry this out, at least 10 different fresh faecal deposits should be collected from a clean pen. Store separately in sealed containers in zip lock bags and send on the day of sampling. Farmers should also mark the container with details of the animal’s tag number.

Samples will be checked for liver and rumen fluke. It is recommended that animals be dosed accordingly. Farmers can submit a minimum of 10 cows and maximum of 100 cows. If a farmer only has 5 cows for the scheme, they should still submit 10 samples.

Book a Scales

Farmers should also consider contacting FRS Farm Relief to book a registered scales as part of the mandatory weighing.

It is mandatory to separately weigh each unweaned calf and its dam and submit weights to the ICBF within 7 days. Calves and their dam must be weighed on the same day and only scales registered in accordance with the scheme terms and conditions may be used. The closing date to submit weights to the ICBF is 1st November 2021.

For the action of weighing, farmers who are approved can weigh a maximum of 100 pairs per herd.

Contact FRS

FRS Farm Relief provide a nationwide Weighing Technician Service for the BEEP-S scheme. Offices in offer a scales rental service where farmers can use the scales themselves or FRS can also provide an operator to come and weigh the animal. After weighing the farmer must submit the weights to the ICBF.

Contact your local FRS office to book your weighing in. Visit for more information.

Farmers can easily report weight to ICBF by using Herdwatch. The farming app automatically sends weight records to ICBF which means farmers will get the benefit of better reporting from ICBF. Herdwatch is fully approved by ICBF to provide this integration free of charge to members. For more information visit .

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