FRS Farm Relief Services, leading provider of farm workers in Ireland, and New Zealand Dairy Careers (NZDC), leading farm training and recruitment specialists in New Zealand, have teamed up to provide a unique opportunity which will see applicants live the dream, learn on the world’s best farms and further develop their farming skills in each other’s countries during their complementary peak seasons.

It is an exchange programme that will mutually benefit the seasonality of both countries peak farming periods, which is January to June in Ireland and July to December in New Zealand and proposes to help with the current storage of labour that each country is experiencing, particularly in the area of dairy farming.

The exchange is about developing the skills of young farmers and giving them the exposure to the best farms in Ireland and New Zealand to provide a unique opportunity to Live, Learn and Earn.

LIVE; exposure to a different culture, people, and way of life.

LEARN; gaining experience and learning from the world’s best dairy farms.

EARN; while living and learning on the other side of the world candidates will also be earning industry rates in the process through working on farms.


Peter Byrne, FRS Network, shaking hands with Matt Jones, NZDC, on the New Zealand and Ireland Exchange Programme with Padraig Madden, FRS Network, (left) and Tracey Jones, NZDC, at the FRS National offices in Roscrea, Co. Tipperary

Under the wing of both parties candidates will be well looked after and supported. Applicants will require some farming background and will be interviewed and selected based on experience and having a good attitude to work.

The exchange aims to deliver an overall experience that will further develop the skills of the person for their future careers in agriculture and for their general life skills.

Matt Jones, Director of New Zealand Dairy Careers said, “this is perfect for young people wanting overseas experience. It’s not just about a job though, it’s also about having an experience in another country for six months and bringing back what you have learned to further your career path.”

Peter Byrne, CEO of FRS Network said, “this exchange is just one of a number of initiatives we are putting in place to help alleviate the shortage of dairy workers to meet industry demands this spring. We are delighted to be partnering with Matt and his team at NZDC to source workers for each other during our contrasting peak seasons.”

Further information on the New Zealand / Ireland Live, Learn and Earn Exchange is available on and on


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