Another chapter is currently being written in the success story of Farm relief services now trading as FRS Network.
After being established in 1980 FRS first opened a rented office in Castle street Roscrea with just 2 employees. The newly formed co-operative – National Co-op Farm Relief Services Ltd was set up to co-ordinate the existing relief milking groups and help develop them to meet the needs of farmers. Through growth and diversification over the years FRS have expanded into five distinct divisions – farm services, fencing, training, recruitment and herdwatch with a network of 20 offices nationwide and over 20,000 customers.  The site and building at Derryvale which is now the National Office for FRS was purchased in 1992 and fully refurbished before the ribbon was cut for the official opening on May 7th 1993. Seven staff worked there at the time. Little did they know 23 years later a second building would be added to meet the needs of the expanding business.  Over the years and even after two recessions the FRS office in Derryvale is continuing to grow. Forty people are currently employed in the offices at Derryvale, that is 33 extra people since it first opened in 1993. Peter Byrne CEO of FRS said:
We are confident the business units FRS Training, FRS Recruitment, Herdwatch and the National Co-op FRS based in Derryvale will continue to grow and expand thus generating additional jobs for the local area”.



Board members of FRS pictured turning the first sod to get the new construction of the new building under way

The growth of business itself is great for the Roscrea area as FRS Network now employs over 100 staff in the area between the offices in Derryvale, Parkmore and Benamore where their joint venture company Turas Nua is located.  The construction of the second building in Derryvale is well and truly under way with construction company, Conack Construction Ltd appointed as main contractors to bring the project to fruition. There are two aspects to the new building: firstly, an extension to the existing building for additional storage and secondly a new two storey office block to accommodate most of the existing staff and new staff who may be employed in the future.
Business will continue as usual from the existing building and when the second building is ready staff of FRS Training and FRS Fencing systems will continue to work from the existing building, where some of the present offices will be converted into training and meeting rooms. The existing stores in the present building will continue to be used along with the new extended store area.The new stores are planned to be ready by the end of December 2016 and the new office ready by late April 2017. Staff will hopefully be moved into the new building as soon as it is practical after the completion date but some internal fit out will have to be done after the contract itself is completed.  We look forward to the coming developments and seeing the building once it is fully completed. Staff are excited about their new offices, which will feature a courtyard and new canteen. Once completed, the new and existing offices together will be an impressive building on the outskirts of Roscrea and will provide much economic benefit to the town.

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