In the latest episode of the Agricultural Science Association’s podcast, Council member Philip O’Connor of IFAC speaks with Peter Byrne,  CEO of National Co-op Farm Relief Services (NCFRS).

In this podcast, Peter chats to Philip about his role in creating an organised structure to coordinate, develop, diversify and extend the Farm Relief Services (FRS) in Ireland.
He also speaks about his distinguished career and the tremendous achievements across a range of areas including FRS Farm Relief Services, FRS Fencing, FRS Recruitment, FRS Training and Herdwatch. This year the NCFRS celebrates it’s 40th Anniversary and employs over 2,000 people nationwide and has a turnover in excess of €100 million. Led by Byrne, FRS’s contribution to the provision of services to farmers and others, and creating jobs in rural areas enabled potential farm successors to supplement their income and remain on the land.

Peter also was the worthy recipient of this year’s ASA Distinguished Member Award.

Watch highlight video below.

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