We are delighted to be featured in ‘Tipperary – The Place, The Time’ campaign run by Tipperary County Council. In this video, we showcase how businesses can succeed in Tipperary and grow internationally.

NCFRS are the latest Tipperary-based business to have our story told as part of the ongoing ‘Tipperary – The Place, The Time’ promotion of the county for inward investment. The campaign, which is an initiative of Tipperary County Council and is being run across the back end of this year and into next year, sees the local authority capture and promote some of the key business success stories of the county to support its campaign to win more FDI and indigenous investment for Tipperary.

FRS celebrated its 40th birthday this year and has become a dynamic, diverse and entrepreneurial entity now employing over 2,000 people across 70 offices nationwide.

Peter Byrne who has been CEO since FRS was founded, commented “I’m originally from Roscrea, so when we were looking for an office, Roscrea was certainly logical to me. That’s where we started and we are thriving ever since. What followed from those origins all of 40 years ago has been a successful mix of commitment, teamwork and entrepreneurial spirit. We’ve never stood still. We’ve always been customer focused and when you are, you will find new ways and new products to help the customer.”

As well as maintaining our National Office and other premises in Roscrea, FRS also operates a number of additional offices throughout Tipperary, including their Cahir office which was one of the original FRS co-ops 40 years ago.

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